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From potty talk to personal space to private parts to puberty! Developing optimal sexual health knowledge is something that is so important for children and youth, yet something that is often not adequately addressed. Teaching our children appropriate safety skills in order to help prevent abuse can also be challenging, because for many of us, it's something we'd really rather not think about. These topics tend to make us shy away because the conversations can be awkward and embarrassing and/or we just don't have enough developmentally appropriate information to feel comfortable talking to our children. 

That's where I come in! Giving you the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively and appropriately talk to your children about physical/sexual healthy related topics and to help teach them safety skills, equipping them with tools that will benefit them greatly in many areas of life. You will feel more confident in your knowledge and in your ability to develop an open dialogue with your child that will continue as they grow. You will come away from the seminars feeling confident and empowered!

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