Seminars for Professionals


Healthy Boundaries for Little Bodies & Minds

(For Daycare/Preschool Staff, Nannies/Babysitters)

This seminar focuses on how to encourage and facilitate healthy and appropriate boundaries for the children in your care. Topics covered will include: Fostering feeling development/language, early 'normal' sexual development, taking care of our bodies, appropriate boundaries and personal space, respecting emotional boundaries, appropriate touching for friends/peers, how to answer some of those "awkward" questions, signs/causes for concern, and how to respond appropriately if you suspect a problem or a child discloses abuse. Completion certificates to use towards your license renewal are also provided (if applicable)! 

Length: 2.5hrs
​Cost: $45/person or $75 for both parents

Large group/staff rate: Please click           to inquire about special group rates/fees

Signs & Symptoms:What to Look For & What to Do

(For Teachers, Counsellors & Child Protection Workers)

A formal presentation at your location designed for professionals who work with children. The focus will be understanding healthy and normal sexuality in children and recognizing possible signs and symptoms of abuse in children of all ages. Career specific recommendations, legal requirements and resources for how to proceed if abuse is suspected will also be addressed.

Length: 3hrs
​Cost: Please click           to inquire about special group rates/fees

How Childhood Trauma Impacts Learning & Behaviour

(For Teachers & Childcare Providers)

Recent neurobiological, epigenetics, and psychological studies have shown that traumatic experiences in childhood can diminish concentration, memory, and the organizational and language abilities children need to succeed in school. For some children, this can lead to problems with academic performance, inappropriate behavior in the classroom, and difficulty forming relationships. Learning about the impacts of trauma can help keep educators from misunderstanding the reasons underlying some children’s difficulties with learning, behavior and relationships.

Length: 2 hrs
​Cost: Please click           to inquire about special group rates/fees