Parent/Adult Seminars


Body-WISE from the Beginning

(For parents of children ages birth-6yrs)

Not sure how to address some of those "awkward talks" with your toddler? Not sure how to talk about appropriate/inappropriate touches, private parts and strangers? Don't know what to say when they ask about the big "S" word? Worried you might say too much or too little? This seminar will answer all those questions and many more! Topics covered will include: how you can help your children develop healthy body awareness; understanding “typical” child sexual/emotional development; healthy personal boundaries; basic concepts of personal body safety; appropriate versus inappropriate touches; NO-GO-TELL concept; stranger danger; assertiveness; empowerment; age appropriate resources & more! 

Length: 2.25hrs 

Cost: $45/person or $75 for both parents 

Body-WISE & Beyond

(For Parents of Children ages 7-12yrs)

Body image, self-esteem, healthy relating, and our self-perceptions can all impact our sexual health. School-age children are often faced with a lot of social and media influenced information that may not be accurate or helpful when it comes to developing optimal sexual health. With up-to-date information and the right tools, awkward conversations can be opportunities to develop open communication with your child(ren). These on-going conversations will support your child(ren) to develop an awareness of personal boundaries and a strong sense of worth that will last a lifetime.  

Don't miss out on this great opportunity to learn more about how to talk to your school-age children about potentially awkward conversations such as sex, relationships, puberty, personal boundaries, abuse prevention safety skills, healthy body image and more!  

Length: 2.25hrs 

Cost: $45/person or $75 for both parents 

Teaching Children Consent from the Start

(For Parents of Children of all Ages)

Parents often ask how they can help raise their children in such a way where we can hopefully have a future with less rape and sexual assault, and the answer lies partly in educating children about the concept of consent as early as 1 year old and into the college years. This seminar will provide parents with action items and teaching tools to help based on children's ages from preschool, through grade school and into the teen and young adult years. The focus will be on raising empowered young adults who have empathy for others and a clear understanding of healthy consent.  

Length: 1.5 hrs 

Cost: $40/person

Parent & Child 'Body-WISE from the Beginning'

(For Children ages 3-5yrs and their Parent/Caregiver)

This is a 6 week workshop for parents/caregivers and children between the ages of 3-5yrs. This workshop is for parents who would like some guidance and facilitation in introducing and addressing some of the "Body-WISE" topics (see list below) with their young ones. Topics will be addressed using games, stories and fun experiential activities. Full participation will be required from parents :).   

Topics to be covered: 1) Feelings 2) Body Health & Safety 3) Healthy Boundaries 4) "Safe" vs/ "Unsafe" touches 5) Stranger Danger 6) Secrets   

In order to maximize learning, the group will be kept to 5-7 children and their caregivers. A wait-list will be taken for the next group.  

Please contact me with any further questions at   

Length: 1.5 hrs for 6 weeks Cost: $195 for 1 child or $235 for 2 children

Talking to Youth about Pornography

(For Parents of Children ages 10 and up)

Whether we like it or not, adolescents are viewing pornography both intentionally and accidentally at increasing rates. Because of the pervasiveness of the internet, the average age of initial exposure to pornography is 11 years.  Research indicates that frequent pornography viewing can have significant negative effects on children and adolescents. This seminar will help parents understand the risks and how the porn industries target youth, the possible negative impacts, ways to minimize the risk of exposure, and important factors to keep in mind when addressing this topic. Parents will have a chance to strategize the most effective ways to approach their child and help facilitate this important communication.   

Length: 1.5 hrs

Cost: $40/person

Adult Survivors of Child Abuse: How it Impacts Parenting

(An Interactive & Educational Workshop for Adult Survivors of Child Abuse)

Child abuse can leave a long lasting impact that takes a continuing toll on both physical and mental health well into adulthood. For many survivors who become parents, the experience of becoming parents and raising children can bring up many past triggers. Being aware in advance of what those triggers might be and how to manage them can ease the anxiety, and also, it really helps just to know that you are not alone in experiencing these feelings. This workshop will provide a psycho-educational component that explains how trauma and abuse can impact the brain, how symptoms of post-traumatic stress can manifest, some of the challenges of parenting after abuse and some practical tools that can be utilized in order to help minimize the impact. There will also be an interactive/sharing component for those whom are willing or interested in participating.   

Length: 3hrs 

Cost: $70​​​